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POINT ON THE MAP: Natural Bridge, Queensland

POINT ON THE MAP: Natural Bridge, Queensland

The spectacular Natural Bridge Waterfall in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia. Photo: Atlas Phoenix.

Welcome to Point on the Map, a series where we discuss landscapes that we’ve come across in our travels and hope to return to for a larger scale preservation effort.

If you’re Australian, and you here the words “Gold Coast”, your mind is immediately filled with images of sunshine, sandy beaches and drunk teenagers throwing their guts up at 2am on a Saturday morning during Schoolies’. What a lot of Australian’s don’t realize is the Gold Coast is the home of one of Australia’s finest waterfalls: Natural Bridge.

Natural Bridge, or Natural Arch to some, is a small waterfall located within the Sringbrook National Park, which is located within the Gold Coast Hinterland, in Queensland, Australia. It’s located a good hours drive from the hotels of Surfers Paradise along some bendy roads that climb to the top of the Hinterland, so we recommend making it a half day trip at least.

A short walk from the car park leads travelers to the waterfall. By no means is this a towering waterfall like those found near Cairns or in Tasmania, but as they say “size doesn’t matter”, and this is true of Natural Bridge.

What makes Natural Bridge so spectacular is it’s geomorphological characteristics aka: how it’s formed. The water of the fall’s cascades over a ledge and through the roof of a cave onto a slab of rock (one assumes this rock was originally part of the roof), the water then flows along the creek out of the cave entrance. And if that wasn’t enough, this is all set within subtropical rain-forest, giving the area an almost Jurassic Park feel. This unique combination of elements makes for a waterfall worthy of tourism campaigns.

We were blown away by just how spectacular and unique this location was, after being told by a couple of locals to make the effort to visit. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to do a detailed survey of the site, but hope to get the chance in the not-too-distant future to spend some time there and really take the whole area in.

If you’re traveling to the Gold Coast, we highly recommend taking the time to visit Natural Bridge and enjoy the Gold Coasts best kept secret of a landscape.

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